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Harmonic Resolution Systems

The technology of isolation and elimination of vibrations in audio system playback is no simple matter. The folks at HRS have lots of experience and hard science to back them up. Mr. Michael Latvis, has more than twenty years of engineering and product development skill with isolation systems for major aerospace and defense customers. He has worked for a number of leading companies on the development of isolation products for audio systems, commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and missile defense systems. Not to be taken lightly.

Proprietary techniques and custom materials are used to enhance audio playback and control any interference and artifacts. Dedicated craftsmen and extremely high standards of production make these products an absolute must in your hi-end audio system playback.

Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.


  • Chassis Noise Reduction Models:
  • Nimbus System
  • Damping Plate
  • Isolation Base Models:
  • R3X Isolation Base
  • S1 Isolation Base
  • M3X Isolation Base
  • Audio Stand Models:
  • RXR Audio Stand
  • SXR Signature Audio Stand
  • MXR Audio Stand
  • Record Weight Models:
  • Analog Disk

Customer Reviews

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M3 Isolation

By Jules Coleman, UltraAudio

“I reject the view that anything that is essential to the success of a music playback system can be called a “tweak.” No tweak I have ever introduced into my reference system has ever made a comparable improvement to the music or to the level of enjoyment I have gotton from it as the HRS… Read more >

HRS – audio product

By M. Fremer, Stereophile, May, 2011

“In my opinion, the HRS rack is one of the greatest audio products ever manufactured.”

Thanks for everything – including the scotch

Hi Jennifer It was great seeing and speaking with you at Salon Son et Image and thanks a lot for your invite. Everything was fantastic: the scotch, appetizers, and the most important  - great people! Many thanks for the great time! Oles  

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Repeat customer

Dear Graeme, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience at CDFaudio. You definately have a repeat customer here! I went back home to listen to the same piece I heard on the Shindo setup and I get it! What I previously thought was warm and inviting was…

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Hospitality and generosity

I wanted to take a second to thank you and everyone at the shop for your hospitality and generosity yesterday during the digital demonstration. The spread you laid out went above and beyond what was necessary or expected. The champagne and orange juice took it one step beyond. A nice way to…

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What a sound! Pure Bordeaux.

I have received speakers just one hour ago, and already had a chance to connect them. What a sound! Pure Bordeaux. I truly appreciate your time, expertise and enthusiasm assisting me to make a life-time purchase. I wish you sincerely a wonderful Holiday Season. Best wishes,

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Spared no effort to ensure my satisfaction

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the dedicated attention I received from the friendly folks of Coup de Foudre, particularly Graeme, and Jennifer. You spared no effort to ensure my complete satisfaction, and that's exactly what I received, complete satisfaction. Although I live 3 hours away from…

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