We are CLOSED TODAY JULY 7th install at Tremblant… Lucky us!
By appointment only Monday Tuesday Wednesday and flexible hours anytime booked un advance…

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By appointment only monday tuesday wednesday and flexible hours anytime booked un advance…

Thursday to Sunday we keep these store hours as a rule:



Store Hours





11 am 11 am 10 am 12 pm
7 pm 6 pm 5 pm 5 pm



We are often on the road, at clients homes, or in our sound room in a listening session. Our phone # email and txt get to us no matter what. We will respond without fail if you need us.


You can contact us anytime to enquire about our products services and demonstration

Coup de Foudre

6644 Clark, Montreal,
Quebec H2S-3E7



  • Booking appointments
  • Orders
  • Service requests
  • Supplier questions
  • Administration
  • Project coordination
  • Experienced lion tamer


Product specialist

  • Hi-end product consultant since 1990
  • Studio owner
  • Recording Engineer - 30 years
  • Pioneer in original audio design
  • Jazz guitarist and gear collector
  • Aspiring light-heavy-weight boxing champ
  • Mention any products or brands you might be interested in.

Overall Great Service

I want to thank all of you for your courteous, caring and overall great service. Have been listening to the new amps and they sound wonderful. They seem to be working perfectly. I am also quite impressed with the Luxman Dac. I'm looking forward to getting all my cd's downloaded to…

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Fruitcake of the month

L. came home from work, put on his sweat pants, made himself a amaretto and coke with ice, went in the theater, sat down and stared at the blank screen for half an hour. Then he closed his jaw, smiled and said "boy that Jennifer did a great job, I…

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Spared no effort to ensure my satisfaction

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the dedicated attention I received from the friendly folks of Coup de Foudre, particularly Graeme, and Jennifer. You spared no effort to ensure my complete satisfaction, and that's exactly what I received, complete satisfaction. Although I live 3 hours away from…

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Courteous and thoughtful

I want to drop you a quick thank-you note for being so courteous and thoughtful late Friday night. I sincerely was not expecting your hospitality, especially so close to your closing. I am impressed that you started up the VTLs for me even though there really wasn’t any time to…

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Exceptional Customer Service

Hi Graeme , I wanted to thank you for the exceptional quality customer service as well as the hospitality of your store. I find that whether you buy a 20$ adapter, a pair of headphones for 400$ or a set of speakers for 20000$ every customer are treated equally and…

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